Happy. Healthy. Paws.


Apartment living keeps us thankfully closer to our pets but it can also cramp a pet’s natural need to work off pent up energy.  And when this energy is not expended, your pet’s behavior may not be ideal.  That’s where PawsOnPark can help by giving your dog a fun experience and the exercise it needs for a long and healthy life. 

Dog enjoying a toy while on a walk

PawsOnPark provides your pet with much needed fun, exercise and relief throughout the day, so that your pet is comfortable and energy free at night.  We’re not motivated by balance sheets, the clock or unnecessary restrictions like many larger pet service corporations throughout the city.

Dog receiving one on one attention

While we’re in the park every day, we unfortunately see pets not getting the exercise they so deserve; dog walkers on their phones and sitting down, instead of exercising the pet and giving it their undivided attention.  This will not be your dog under our care. 

Dogs resting after a long walk

It is our guarantee that your dog will be sufficiently exercised by PawsOnPark and returned home tail wagging tired.  You deserve the best and so does your four legged family member.