Happy. Healthy. Paws.


I'm thrilled with my PawsOnPark experience.  The comfort I have with them taking care of my 3 dogs is priceless.  They go above and beyond when it comes to caring for my pets.  They just don't walk my dogs; they care for them as if they were theirs. - Sally V 


As an estate manager, it’s a well known fact that you’re only as good as your resources.  That’s why when it comes to dog walkers and pet sitters on NYC’s UES, there is only one company that earns the seal of approval from the Estate Managers Coalition.  That’s Elizabeth Campbell and PawsOnPark.  When it comes to proper pet care, second best isn't good enough.  - Bryan P


We have a very active and energetic beagle/hound mix that most people have a hard time walking in the city but PawsOnPark seems to have the magic touch.  They give him the attention he needs so he listens and obeys instead of looking for his next meal on the sidewalk.  Taking him on long runs/walks burns up that ‘beagle energy’ so he returns home worn out and well behaved!  We love ‘Bama’ even more after his daily adventures with PawsOnPark.  - Katherine & Farid N


I was having some issues training my golden puppy to walk properly on the street and not walk me.  PawsOnPark helped train my puppy during his daily walks so while he was learning, he was playing and exercising too.  - Jesse S


Elizabeth has been our pet sitter since the late 80’s (before she officially opened PawsOnPark).  We completely trust her with the Cavaliers we've owned throughout the years.  Our dogs adore her, she’s a great caretaker and stays at our place when we’re out of town.  - Nell & Carl T


Elizabeth of PawsOnPark is a dog whisperer and Dr. Doolittle all in one.  She connects with dogs in an amazing, wonderful and warm way.  Paws Down - she is the best in town!  - Jonathan L


PawsOnPark put my active pit bull/lab mix on an 'off road/on road’ running program to expend maximum energy.  It's such a relief to come home to a quiet dog after a long day at work!  - Sari C


I am convinced PawsOnPark takes care of my dog as if he was their own.  They are also flexible and accommodate my ever changing travel schedule; I could not have a dog in the city without them.  I previously used other pet care services but was not entirely satisfied.  After enrolling with PawsOnPark, my dog seems better adjusted, content and calm at home, which I attribute to the exercise and attention he receives from exercising with PawsOnPark.  - Steve P


Our black lab absolutely loves his walks/runs with PawsOnPark.  It's so important for him to get good quality exercise and they really cater to his energy level needs.  We're so grateful for their help.  - Audrey & Robert D


We’re retired and lead very busy lives.  PawsOnPark allows us to travel and do what we want, when we want, knowing our 3 Yorkies are well taken care of beyond our expectations. - Terry & Web S

PawsOnPark is dependable, organized and loves animals.  It’s the ideal combination and my pups adore them.  - Victoria T