Happy. Healthy. Paws.


Enjoying a walk through the woods
“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

For children to mature and grow up being empathetic respectful adults, it helps to give them something to care for and think about other than themselves.  This comes in all forms such as caring for baby brothers and sisters and animals. 

Caring and nurturing for animals should start at a young age by teaching children to have compassion and respect for those less mighty.  Having positive interactions and connections with animals at an early age, creates a natural evolution to a child’s treatment of people as they grow up.  There is no denying (and evidence shows) that children who abuse animals, grow up to turn their abuse to people too.  Cruelty to animals is considered one of the three symptoms that predict the development of a psychopath. 

Dog enjoying the outdoors

At PawsOnPark, we see a future where cruelty to animals does not exist.  We plan to partner with an established animal cruelty prevention organization to help educate and prevent cruelty to animals, starting in NYC.  Through this partnership we will visit city schools and talk with children about caring and protecting animals, how to treat an animal respectfully and show how loving an animal can bring joy to a person’s life.

Opportunities are endless for kids to go to animal shelters to care for homeless animals and make a difference in their community.  At PawsOnPark we’re planning to be involved, making it happen.