Happy. Healthy. Paws.


At PawsOnPark we believe a well-cared for and exercised pet will be happier and healthier.  Providing our pets fun opportunities to expend their energy naturally throughout the day, ensures they’ll behave at home too.  Unfortunately, boredom in animals can lead to behavioral issues that can be solved or minimized with time outside to romp and play.

PawsOnPark offers a variety of daily programs tailored to your pet’s age, needs and overall health.  And for dogs that want to get away from it all, we offer weekend workouts outside the city too. 


Dog having fun in the pool
For young puppies we provide one on one attention, crate and obedience training and walks to promote early socialization with other dogs.  Adult or working dogs receive a daily more athletic routine, while older pets require less intense activity and more assistance, such as companionship walks through the park.  PawsOnPark develops programs to suit your pet’s needs.
Dog enjoying its day in the park

After every visit you'll receive a picture and "Paws Report" detailing what we did and anything interesting or health related that may have happened during our time outside.  Simply put, we’re passionate about all the paws in our care.

We also provide daycare service for our friends who do not want to be left alone and fluff and buff baths to ensure they smell just as good as you.

Dog relaxing after a walk

 And if you can’t take your pet away while you travel, we offer pet sitting and ‘tuck in’ service to help ensure your pet is not lonely while you’re away! 

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Dog tucked in through our VIP treatment